First and foremost, a big thank you and hugs to the readers of my blog. I cant express how overwhelming it is to see the visitor stats every week. It really means a lot. And why so? Because I know I there are people who are listening to my story. The story I never considered worth sharing because at the end of the day we belong to the so called “Internet Generation”.

But the fault is not mine. This internet generation has made us like that. Of course handling Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Tumblr and Whatsapp groups is not an easy task. And when I say handling these accounts it means making them look drool worthy. No matter how big a turmoil is going on inside, the filters on my picture shouldn’t go wrong and my check ins should be as historic as Columbus discovering America.

I feel very proud when I see those posts mentioning how lucky the 90’s kids are… I mean they have seen it all. Right from “Namashkaar, yeh All India Radio ka doordashan kendra hai” to the nasty Twitter trolls “Go F**k ur ****”*”. I literally mean it, “we have seen it all”. But in between somewhere, the stories got lost. Those real ones and not the ones you hashtag on snapchat and instagram everyday. Well somebody asked me a very important question “Why do You blog?, Do you think people are interested in reading your thoughts, they already have so much to consume on the Internet. And you don’t even get paid for it because that’s not your real job”.  Well as someone has rightly said “Reality Bytes”. I dint give him an answer, rather ” I couldn’t”. But I thought a lot about it. Do i need to answer him? Nooooo, I had to give an answer to myself. And I must admit I did a lot of brainstorming and was really restless till I answered that question to myself. I write because I want to tell my story. I want it to be heard. The answer was within as I had always believed in one ideology “Everything we do in life, small or big, is a means to be loved a little more”. Gosh, I have shared this thought so many times on my timelines and everywhere but understood the real meaning only on that Eureka moment.  🙂

Yes, I wanted to tell my stories. In a blogging landscape there is good traffic and bad traffic and some days there is no traffic. But now, it doesn’t really matter to me as I know there will always be readers who might just stumble upon and read something and it might just motivate them to tell their stories which they never thought worth sharing.

You might have hundreds or these days even thousands of friends (Internet again) who might be more than happy to accompany you to the night club and empty the bottles. But you will always need that one 3 AM friend in front of whom you can bare your soul without the slightest fear of being judged. Give it a thought, your best of friends have been those who all were there to listen, listen to you when you wanted to tell your story. They all were brilliant listeners, weren’t they?? What do you think these suicide prevention NGO’s do? They listen to those who have given up on the idea that somebody is always there to listen to you, no matter what.

Words break no bones, but they do break hearts. And if they can break hearts, they even have the power to connect hearts. By no means i would ever find out who the readers of my blog are , we are absolute strangers but there is only one thing that connects us “Words”. So please let the world know your story. And believe me there is someone always listening, your 3 am friend. 🙂 You will always feel that there is nothing that has not been told before but for someone it might just be a game changer.

Phew, a long post indeed. I am afraid my sassy, sexy and wanderlust driven blog might just turn into a pep talk. 😛 But i have exhausted my travel budgets for the year so bear with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.