“Mumbai is not a city. It’s a way of life.”

Whoever has stayed in this city will completely agree to what I just said above. Well, I would keep my Mumbaikar feelings aside for a separate post altogether. As of now all I can say is Mumbai is like a drug. You get addicted to this city so much so that everyday you think that I am done… I am gonna leave this city asap… And then by the end of the day something seeps in and you make peace with it with a feeling that tomorrow everything would fall in place.

In one of my previous posts I had put across how difficult it is to find a house in Mumbai and it’s doubly difficult if you are a Batchelor and triply difficult if you are a girl and exponentially difficult if you have any connections with the film industry. Sad but true.

So, last month my deadline for the previous house arrived and no points for guessing that I had not found a place to go. No, I mean it with utmost sincerity that all my stuff was packed and I was calling and messaging people if I could stay at there place for some time with stuff more than  a family of 4. I was technically homeless. But as mom had said, when nothing goes right.. Just believe help is on its way. She was right. A friend’s friend responded saying that she was abroad and I could stay at her place. It was such a magical moment. I think I will remember it all my life.

So, I moved in with all my utterly useless stuff into my new abode. And guess what…. Another magical moment…. I opened the glass shutter and I could see the waves and hear them… Magical right.. A person who had nowhere to go ends up in a fairy land… 🙂

I was supposed to stay here alone for a month and today it’s almost a month in this house and while I am writing this I can hear the waves gushing. And here I come to the topic of this post. I was all alone in this beautiful little house. Initially it was fun to leave office early and sip coffee with the waves. But somewhere in the middle of the month I thought I was lonely here. Then I started exploring my self. I just sit here for hours and read or may be do nothing. I realized that kids who play downstairs are so important for me although I dnt know them. I hear them talk and play and when it rains I do miss them. I know myself more than I knew a month before. The people I used to hate in office seem to be okay now, there is nobody back home to talk to so I actually put an effort to talk to them. Yes I even talk to the Rickshaw waalas now. :-p  hahaha

I don’t know when I am gonna find a place and move out from here but it has been quiet a self discovery…..