Me : “Hi, I saw your post on Fb, I was looking for an accommodation urgently. Can you please share the details”.

Moral Mumbaikar (Custodian of moral values, not for himself but in the interest of the society) : “You looking for yourselph?”

Me: “Yes”

MM : “You single?”

Me: ughhh “yes”

MM : “Then why you need a separate house for yourselph??? Stay in a PG naa”

Me: “I need some private space, and my parents would want to come over once in a while”

MM : “Then ask them to come for society meeting on Sunday”

Me: “No, sir you got me wrong, My parents don’t stay here. They would just come for a visit”

MM : “You working or Actor ?”

Me : “Both”

MM : “No we dont give the house to film line people. They dont pay rent.”

Me :  “Sir I get a salary every month. You will have no complaints”

MM : “Do you party?”

Me : “Yes. But no at home. You will have no complains”

MM : “Will boys come over?”

Me: “Boys?? Sir they might just come over coffee”

MM : “Will they stay overnight?”

Me: “Theyy??  No, theyy won’t”

MM : “Then why do you want to take a separate house for yourselph? Stay in a PG naa. We don’t give house to bachelors”

Me: “Why Sir.. I guess i agreed toall your Terms and Conditions?”

MM : “They Commit suicide”. Call disconnected.

Me :  😦 Homeless