IT (Information Technology) which started off with a boom took the world by a storm. An industry that predominantly hires techies has an everlasting impact on its workers which are at times funny and sometimes annoying. Having said that I have come up with the below traits which are common across geographies and organizations:

Here you go ……………

Fridays are the best days of your life. 🙂

The most unwanted and dreaded thing for you is “Monday”

For you being fashionable means wearing something that is not formal.

You have started using words like “Delivery”, “Timelines”, Bandwidth”, “Resources” in Public places.

Sometimes when not in office you suddenly try to reach out to your ID card only to realize that you are not in office.

You spend most of your time with IT folks. You don’t have friends or roomies from other fields.

You start waiting for Friday from Monday itself.

You keep aside everything from grocery shopping to laptop formatting for weekends. Weekdays are something that cannot be utilized for personal work.

You can crib about your work for hours and this explains why you are mostly spotted with IT people.

You are always in the lookout for a new job with a hope that it would be better than the previous one.