For those of you who have read Shakespeare before your level downgraded and now you are reading my blogs ( :-P) , you must be aware that every scene from any act has an ENTRY and EXIT which is nothing but the entry and exit of the characters in that scene. How thoughtful this entry and exit thingy was…..because not every character has a part to play in every scene. I think i have established the context and by now my readers have already understood the metaphor.

Yes, this post is all about the adieus and the good byes, sometimes said, sometimes unsaid…sometimes heard and sometimes assumed. Come lets face it we all have been through these and they have shaped us to some extent.

“We are the outcomes of our horrible bosses and failed relationships” and by relationships i mean all sort of relationships and it happens during all phases of life. being a teenager i used to think may be I am too young to assess situations but nothing has improved to my rescue. We have those painful good byes at the most unexpected times and sometimes with the most unexpected people.

For those who have left and taken an exit, I don’t expect you to come back. Yes I do want to relive those awesome memories again and again but to just let you know I can do it all alone gazing through the window or just watching the rain droplets. Because if you return back towards me its gonna be even more difficult. So let the universe exercise its free will for what happened happened for good.

You are like that old photo album which has so many stories  hidden in its pages, which is now kept on the top most shelve not easily accessible. I admit, sometimes i do pull the chair and climb it with shaky legs, bring the album down with tender hands and open it when a few droplets of water silently roll down from the corner of my eyes to my cheeks and eventually on the picture. But I know that before somebody else walks in to the room I have to quickly put it back to the same place from where it came , wipe my face and pretend that nothing happened and thats how life goes on. Its one thing to tread the path you once loved and its an entirely different thing to tread new paths together. And Time has taught me that.

Thankyou for those never ending conversations and unstoppable laughters, those awesome memories will live with me forever and thats how I want to say ADIEU to you.